Elongated Refillable Cartridges for BROTHER LC61 and LC65

Product Number: ENC2925

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Elongated Refillable Cartridges for BROTHER LC61 and LC65

These four huge cartridges for Brother LC61 allow you to refill very infrequently.

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Our refillable cartridges were created to simplify the refilling of BROTHER printers. Refilling InkPot's refillable cartridges is as easy as counting one, two, three. 1- Remove the cap. 2- Inject ink. 3- Replace the cap. That's all!

The black cartridge can hold 100ml of ink. Colours can hold 80ml of ink each.

After the first fill, the cartridges can be refilled without being removed from the printer.

*IMPORTANT* The cartridges provided with this product are empty. You will also need to purchase an inkjet refill kit for BROTHER.


This product contains the following:

  • 100ml black refillable cartridge
  • 80ml cyan refillable cartridge
  • 80ml magenta refillable cartridge
  • 80ml yellow refillable cartridge
  • 4 air filters
  • Door clip
  • Easy and detailed instructions

For those who do not want the cartridges to stick out of the printer, we also sell small refillable cartridges.

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