1 Laser Toner Refill for HP CF226X (26X), CF258X (58X), CF287A (87A), CF287X (87X), CF289X (89X), CF289Y (89Y)

Product Number: ENC8814

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1 Laser Toner Refill for HP CF226X (26X), CF258X (58X), CF287A (87A), CF287X (87X), CF289X (89X), CF289Y (89Y)

This laser refill kit contains everything needed to refill your CF226X (26X), CF258X (58X), CF287A (87A), CF287X (87X), CF289A (89A) or CF289X (89X) cartridge.

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The refill will yield 9000 pages at 5% coverage.

The toner is specifically made for the HP CF226X (26X), CF258X (58X), CF287A (87A), CF287X (87X), CF289X (89X), and CF289Y (89Y) cartridges. We sell another kit for the CF226A (26A), CF258A (58A), CF289A (89A) cartridges.

Refilling laser cartridges is actually quite easy. Our instructions will guide you step by step.

With this kit, you can reuse your expensive laser cartridge for huge $$$ savings. In addition, reusing your cartridge is an environmentally-friendly choice.

NOTE: The refilling procedure requires making a few holes in the cartridge. An electric drill is not recommended; it is much easier and highly recommended that you use our specialized toner holemaking tool.

HP 26X, 58X, 87A, 87X, 89X, and 89Y cartridges have chips that indicate the level of ink. Replacement chips are not included in this kit because the printer will work even if the chip remains unchanged. However, the low ink warning light will stay on.

Each laser refill kit contains the following:

  • 325g bottle of black toner
  • One funnel-shaped cap
  • Aluminum tape
  • Easy and detailed instructions
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