1/8in Cartridge Hole Making Tool for Inkjet Cartridges

Product Number: ENC7530

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1/8in Cartridge Hole Making Tool for Inkjet Cartridges

This tool allows you to refill your inkjet cartridges without the need for an electric drill.

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This tool is designed for those who prefer not to use an electric drill.

  • Perfect size for ink cartridges
  • Press the tool against the cartridge and spin to drill a hole.
  • Our inkjet refill kits contain instructions that will show you exactly where to drill.
  • Note that only some models require drilling in order to refill. See the list below.

You will need to pierce holes to refill the following cartridges:

BROTHER: LC404 and LC406 cartridges only

CANON: All cartridges except BCI-10, BCI-11, BCI-15, BCI-16, CLI-36, PFI-series, PGI-9, PGI-35, PGI-72. Note that with our refillable cartridges for Canon printers, no drilling will be required thanks to the built-in ink plugs (available for most models).

COMPAQ: All cartridges

DELL: All series except 21, 22, 23, 24, 31, 32, 33, 34

EPSON: S020025, S020034, S020036, S020047, S020049, S020089, S020093, S020097, S020108, S020110, S020187, S020189, S020191, S187093, S189108, S191089, S193110, T001, T003, T005, T007, T008, T009, T013, T014, T017, T018, T019, T020, T026, T027, T028, T029, T036, T037, T038, T039, T040, T041, T050, T051, T052 and T053 cartridges only

HP: 02, 02XL, 16, 17, 19, 20, 23, 25, 26, 29, 33, 41, 49, 78, 78+, 78XL, and 701 cartridges only

LEXMARK: All cartridges except the 100, 100A, 100XL, 100XLA, 105XL, 108, 108A, 108XL, 108XLA, 150, 150XL and 150XLA

SHARP: All cartridges

XEROX: All cartridges