120ml Printhead Cleaner Kit for EPSON

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120ml Printhead Cleaner Kit for EPSON

This kit contains 120ml of our cleaning fluid for EPSON printheads. It also contains a tool to manually force the liquid into the printheads.

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This cleaning fluid is designed specifically for EPSON printers. It is designed with the same density and the same viscosity as the ink, which allows it to pass through the print head normally. Do not use anything else to clean your EPSON print heads! You can use it to repair a blocked head when the cleaning operations in the printer menu aren't enough. You can also use it to clean the printer lines if your printer has fixed cartridges.
There are two ways to use it:
  • Fill some refillable cartridges with this liquid and perform cleanings from the printer menu (recommended method).
  • For an extremely clogged head, you can manually force the liquid through the head as a last resort before throwing out the printer. Note that this will be impossible if your printer has fixed cartridges.
This kit includes:
  • 120ml of printhead cleaner for EPSON printers
  • One syringe with tubing
  • Easy and detailed instructions with pictures
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