60ml Colour Refill Kit for XEROX

Product Number: ENC95

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60ml Colour Refill Kit for XEROX

This kit contains enough ink to refill most XEROX colour ink jet cartridges at least 6 times.

Price: $24.95
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Our refill kits for inkjet cartridges are quick, clean and easy to use. The ink is not universal, it is designed specifically for your printer which guarantees top quality. If you are unable to find the ink you need, use our search engine or contact us.

Each 60ml colour refill kit contains the following:

  • 60ml bottle of cyan ink
  • 60ml bottle of magenta ink
  • 60ml bottle of yellow ink
  • One syringe
  • One needle
  • Easy and detailed instructions (drill a hole and inject ink)

This kit is compatible with the following cartridges:

Cartridges Amount of ink for each refill Number of refills with a 60ml colour refill kit
8R12591, 8R7880, 8R7904, 8R7979 8 ml each colour Up to seven (7) refills per colour

Don't have a drill? We sell an excellent drilling tool for inkjet cartridges.
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