Refillable Cartridges for CANON PGI-270/CLI-271

Product Number: ENC8500

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Refillable Cartridges for CANON PGI-270/CLI-271

This product contains 5 easy to refill CANON PGI-270 and CLI-271 cartridges.

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Our refillable cartridges were created to simplify the refilling of CANON printers. Refilling InkPot's refillable cartridges is as easy as counting one, two, three. 1- Remove the cap. 2- Inject ink. 3- Replace the cap. That's all!

The cartridges have auto-reset chips, so there will be no need to purchase a chip resetter. When a cartridge is empty, remove it and refill it, and the ink level will reset to full.

*IMPORTANT* The cartridges provided with this product are empty. You will also need to purchase an inkjet refill kit that is compatible with these cartridges.



This product contains the following:

  • One refillable cartridge for PGI-270BK pigment black
  • One refillable cartridge for CLI-271BK photo black
  • One refillable cartridge for CLI-271C cyan
  • One refillable cartridge for CLI-271M magenta
  • One refillable cartridge for CLI-271Y yellow
  • Easy and detailed instructions
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