Compatible Cartridge for CANON PFI-302PGY PHOTO GRAY (330ml)

Product Number: ENC8192

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Compatible Cartridge for CANON PFI-302PGY PHOTO GRAY (330ml)

This compatible cartridge for CANON imagePROGRAF iPF8100 and iPF9100 is filled with 330ml of pigmented photo gray ink of the highest quality.

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Our compatible cartridges for CANON imagePROGRAF large format printers are designed to provide significant savings while being easy to use and offering a comparable print quality to the original. These cartridges are an excellent alternative to the high prices of original CANON cartridges.

  • Excellent colour reproduction without having to obtain new ICC profiles
  • With new chips, which ensures that the cartridges will be recognized and the ink levels will be correctly displayed by the printer
  • Allows you to print a range of colours identical to the original
  • No need to flush out the old ink from the printer lines when switching from CANON's original cartridges to ours
  • Drying time and adhesion equivalent to the original ink
  • UV resistant ink that does not clog the print heads
  • Made in Canada with ink made in the USA
  • With every re-order, you will receive the same stable ink formulation

This cartridge is filled with 330ml of our compatible pigmented photo gray ink for CANON LUCIA.

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